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In 1974, Mauthe was still struggling to survive: watch production had already stopped, even efforts to build its own quartz movement.
Mauthe only made alarm mechanisms and the electromechanical mechanisms were bought from Junghans. The production of clock movements was apparently already stopped in 1974 and Mauthe bought clock movements from Hermle.
We know that in the 1970s, Hermle was almost the largest German manufacturer of watch movements. Hermle had also bought the mechanism tools of Hettich, Schatz and other German manufacturers. Mauthe went bankrupt in 1976. Mauthe officially went out of business in 1975. The Hermles were exceptional experts in acquiring used car fleets; business that helped them cut their losses. This was actually one of the reasons why Hermle survived while others disappeared from the profile scene.

Jauch also had the rights to use the Mauthe name on some clocks – all I saw were musical wall clocks that sang Ave Maria. I assume it was under a similar agreement to what Hermle agreed to.

After the Mauthe bankruptcy, several German manufacturers counterfeited the Mauthe TM. A manufacturer sold his watch under the brand name “Moathe” (written with the same pattern as the brand name “Mauthe”).

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