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Old watches are in high demand. They are also hundreds of years old. Old watches are expensive even if they are not in good condition.

The oldest watch manufacturer is of course a Swiss brand. The company was founded by the watchmaker Humbertus Gallet, who received citizenship in Switzerland in 1466. Already in 1702, the Gallet company was the most recognized watch and jewelry factory in Switzerland.

In 1806, Phillipe Gallet registered the official name of the company, Gallet & Cie, and in 1826 he moved the company headquarters to Chaux-de-Fonds. From here the company grew enormously to become the most famous watch company in the 20th century.

Ever since the 16th century, when they first appeared, watches have become indispensable accessories, being appreciated not only for their utility, but also for their beauty. Of course, the mechanism, design and functions of watches have evolved a lot since then, and today some designers create true works of art. With prices to match. The most expensive watch brands sell their jewelry with prices starting from a few thousand euros, but they can also reach a million, two dollars.

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