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The spring clock is a classic mechanical clock consisting of many cogwheels driven by the energy given by a spring. The spring, in turn, is energized by the manual twisting of the key which produces tension on the spring.
The disadvantage of this mechanism is that every 7 days it must be turned. The movement of the watch is basically the engine that makes it work. Releasing the spring practically set the clock in motion, the disadvantage of this type of mechanism was given by the tensioning capacity of that spring. Practically, the clock hand had to be tensioned (turned as the grandparents used to say) daily to keep the mechanism working.

Unfortunately, only the clock stops, time does not keep pace.

Among the true lovers of traditional watches, this type of watch has an unshakable position. To be able to really appreciate them, you need to understand the principle of how they work. Of course, you don’t have to automatically become an expert. To begin with, it is enough if you learn something from its basics. If this happens, the mechanical watch will most likely become a weakness.

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