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It is not the first time that I try to watch the news on TV on a weekend, without ignoring the ones online.

As if this weekend was too much, the topics presented were in the foreground of death in various forms, highlighting all kinds of accidents and tragedies.

At one point, at the evening newscasts, I sat and counted the number of news items with a positive or strictly informative impact, I obtained a weight somewhere below 10% of the total news presented. I saw accidents in which young people were killed in traffic, old people died in nursing homes, children and relatives were left without support, funerals of people with political closeness.
Of course, there were also cases of murder in the family and a few suicides. The icing on the cake in the media has been that more and more pensioners in the Netherlands are choosing assisted dying or euthanasia.

In my opinion, such a large volume of information with a negative tint contributes over time to a diminution of the zest for life, a constant spring asthenia and a somewhat unconsciously programmed freezing of goals and purposes in life. Such news and topics sell very well, the televisions give ratings, ok, I can understand that it’s a middle-of-the-road business, but it seems like you’re getting, with small and quick steps, much too far.
It seems that nice things are no longer happening in this world, there are no more positive things, beautiful examples to follow in society, values ​​to be proud of around us and to establish as worthy examples to follow. It’s a well-known, taboo thing that one day we’re all going to die, but to end up thinking about this topic every day I don’t think it’s good for us, neither physically nor mentally.

Death seems to have very good PR, free even, and it’s great that there are still enough people out there who can prove that life is worth living to the fullest, with the good and the bad, without succumbing so easily to the media net it seems and -it keeps increasing day by day. They say that life is a gift that we all receive from the first second we breathe, so I think it’s a duty to make things happen.

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